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Our number one priority is our people. We constantly train and update all out staff members on all aspects of WHS&E in the workplace. They are always provided with the correct protective workwear as well.


As a company we ensure we go above and beyond our commitment to legislated safety compliance by ensuring every person understands the WHS&E requirements of their job and is aware of the actionable procedures that we have put in place for their safety.


Our aim is to reach zero workplace injuries. A safer workplace starts and ends with safety aware employees.


Equally important is our commitment to the environment. Our practices and procedures are designed minimise the impact of our projects on the environment, This is a company wide initiative that includes training and communications as well a program of audits and inspections to ensure our environmental goals are being achieved.

Meet our WHS&E Manager

Peter Dalby joined RCI infrastructure in 2015 as our Work Health Safety & Environment Manager. Peter is a highly competent senior executive with over 10 years hands-on experience in ensuring the safety of employees and properties. He has a strong knowledge of diverse occupational safety compliance protocols, with extremely effective implementation of safety guidelines in high risk work settings, safety training procedures, compensation claims and appropriate delivery of return to work programs.


Peter’s competent Quality Management approach, combines excellent people skills with a high focus on safety and achieving set organisational goals.



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